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like in latin | graphics

by lindsey & rachel

like in latin : graphics by lindsey & rachel
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This community was originally started by shadybrightside (Lindsey) to post her graphics. In November of 2009, placeofthunder (Rachel) joined. We may not always agree on ships (in fact, we have the weird tendency to ship opposing pairings o_O), but nonetheless we've become great friends and we're both very happy to be running this graphics comm together :D

Each of us has different style and we hope that you enjoy the variety of graphics we offer. We can never have enough feedback on our art! So please take the time to comment on any of our new or older posts if you actually like something. It really encourages us.

++ Always remember to credit the maker and the community.
++ Please DO NOT HOTLINK or repost our art on TUMBLR without permission.

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